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Working with a Global Village

Together we expand a multi-sensory worldview, sharing knowledge, skills, and applications that invite engagement and interaction for quality-of-life outcomes.


Anthony M.
McCrovitz Ph.D.


is a consultant, mentor, and provider of training and support with a Quality-of-Life Model™ of services, based on the relationship-building, person-centered philosophy of Gentle Teaching.


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is a recreation therapist and the Multi-Sensory Environment

technologist at Mohawk College (Fennell Campus). She is involved with the Recreation Therapy Program at Mohawk where she supervises first- and second-year students during their field placements.


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is the Director of Activities/CTRS at Garvey Manor Nursing Home.


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Kiser, COTA


is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant with over twenty five years of experience serving the pediatric population. She is the founder of and owner of All About M.O.T. (Mindful Occupational Therapy), LLC.  

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Magri, MA, BCBA


has dedicated her work to the service of others, with the aim of finding answers and solutions to the daily struggle of individuals and their families, often forgotten, marginalized, and labeled by medical models. She is the founder of INCLUSI, a community and an App. to improve quality of life and allow their stories to be heard.

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is the Curriculum Developer for Quality of Life Institute, Inc. She is a content developer, graphic designer, published writer and editor. She serves on the board of Quality of Life Institute, Inc., and has worked in a supportive capacity with The Institute since 2012.

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Krassow, PTA


is a Physical Therapy Assistant with over twenty years of experience serving the pediatric population and adults. She is the founder of and owner of All About MME Therapy (Mindful Motor Enrichment Therapy), LLC.


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is the Director of of TFH USA Ltd., an international organization with offices in the US, Canada, UK, Sweden and the EU. For over 35 years, TFH’s focus has been designing, manufacturing, and installing sensory development products for children and adults. 

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